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Monday, March 29, 2021

The best partner for POS

 CM-890 Slim type CCD barcode scanner is a old model of CANMAX Technology Ltd., for about 5~6 years.  It's quite stable and durable, very low failure rate and easy to use. 

CM-890 Slim type CCD barcode scanner is the best partner for POS.  It's durable and good for reseller for just buying and selling. So the resellers have no burden  and cost for the after service.  ( to maintain and repair the damage products is also a cost ) 

And this CCD barcode scanner is made in Taiwan and popular for POS users.  See following photo which I took in Tokyo, Japan when I 

had a business trip there.  I saw our CM-890 CCD barcode scanner in the shop and the lady said it works well and lightweight for holding it. 

Beside, the CM-890 CCD barcode scanner is with an optional function to have UV LED for banknote recognition.  

And it's allowed to have silk printing with customer's logo on the top of the barcode scanner : 

Because of the power power consumption, some customers use it as an external barcode scanner of tablet PC and smart phone. 
The cable is micro USB type. 

And there is stand for the barcode scanner

What else? 

Cute, right?  😄

But it's just my idea to have a Embossed logo to show a different feeling to present a brand, spirit or image. 

Beside, the slim CCD barcode scanner CM-890 can scan barcode from smart phone for payment system : 

If you are an exporter for POS, or an distributor for barcode scanners, welcome to send your inquiry to me by email : 

I will be happy to receive your message and answer you as soon as possible. 

Sunday, March 14, 2021

UV barcode Scanner

 By some especial request from our clients, we add a UV code reading function on our 2D barcode scanner, model no. CM-2D202. 

Our 2D barcode scanner can read UV ink printed barcode

The reading performance is good if the UV ink is with clear UV effect ( see above brightness barcode ).  And it will be poor if the UV ink is very light ) 

And the readable resolution is about 4mil.   But if the barcode is DM ( Data Matrix , it's a kind of " dot barcode " ) and some of its dots are gathered by one big dots, the reading result may be failure. 

The UV barcode be an  invisible barcode is a good solution for some security which is not easy to be
copy or seen by normal way.  But the technology for how to print a good UV barcode is a know-how.  Then how to have the barcode scanner to read such UV barcode is also a know-how. 

Above is a better done Data Matrix barcode which is clear and no much dots be gathered. 

Above is a poor Data Matrix barcode which is not clear. 

There are 2 barcode on above image.  The right side QR code is a good UV barcode and the left side QR code is a poor UV barcode. 

A good and readable UV barcode

The left side Data Matrix barocde is difficult to be read because there are lots center dots are gathered together. 

For more questions or inquiry please send email to

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