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Sunday, March 14, 2021

UV barcode Scanner

 By some especial request from our clients, we add a UV code reading function on our 2D barcode scanner, model no. CM-2D202. 

Our 2D barcode scanner can read UV ink printed barcode

The reading performance is good if the UV ink is with clear UV effect ( see above brightness barcode ).  And it will be poor if the UV ink is very light ) 

And the readable resolution is about 4mil.   But if the barcode is DM ( Data Matrix , it's a kind of " dot barcode " ) and some of its dots are gathered by one big dots, the reading result may be failure. 

The UV barcode be an  invisible barcode is a good solution for some security which is not easy to be
copy or seen by normal way.  But the technology for how to print a good UV barcode is a know-how.  Then how to have the barcode scanner to read such UV barcode is also a know-how. 

Above is a better done Data Matrix barcode which is clear and no much dots be gathered. 

Above is a poor Data Matrix barcode which is not clear. 

There are 2 barcode on above image.  The right side QR code is a good UV barcode and the left side QR code is a poor UV barcode. 

A good and readable UV barcode

The left side Data Matrix barocde is difficult to be read because there are lots center dots are gathered together. 

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  1. i need CANMAX CM-2D202 2D barcode scanner with UV light or if U have more latest

    1. Thanks for your inquiry and please send your message to my email :

  2. Thanks for your inquiry and please send your message to my email :


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